Wireless Festival 2010 Review (Jay-Z, Wiley, Roll Deep, Tinie Tempah, Chipmunk, Chase n Status)

Wireless Festival 2010 Review from London Hyde Park…
Entering the gates of Hyde park you instantly feel a buzz in the air, as the soound of the festival draws near. Its a hot sunny day in London Town with the Sounds of languages decending from all corners of Europe mumbling in the background.

As I enter the gates of the festival, I hear screams of the crowd to Wiley’s Rolex anthem. The crowd are sceaming and shouting with the occasional plastic bottle flying through the air. The rest of the Roll deep crew join him on stage to bang out more hits like ‘when I’m ere’.

The Pepsi Max tent runs through Performances by Wale, Roll Deep, and Tinie Tempah. All the while there is a performance by Lilly Allen which I didnt get to see, and neither did many of the people I know who came to the festival. Chase and Status leave the Pepsi Max tent steaming, before the crowd gradually move away over to the mainstage for Jay-z.

Jay-z festival

As the Sun settles the anticipation builds in the air, before the 10minute countdown alights the two main stage screen. There are shouts of Hova and Roc signs thrown up as Sean Jay-z Carter walks onto the stage dressed in all black.
“They say a midget standing on a ginats shoulder can see much further than a giant” – Jay-z opens up with verses from Public Service announcement.
Memphis bleak joins Jay on stage for all the rocafella classics like Big pimpin, ROc boys, and even intro’s Takeover before cutting the track sort after a few adlibs. Jay cole and Mr Hudson join later.
The concerts ends with the mashup with Linkin park, encore.

All in all an 8/10 wireless festival. Until next year….

Watch the highlights of the festival here:

~ by musicproducertv on July 5, 2010.

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  1. Jay is The Best.

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