Jay-z signs X-factors Cher Lloyd to Roc Nation record label (Will-I-am?)

Cher Lloyd signs to Jay-z label Roc Nation since appearing on X-factor.

The little single/rapper who performed a cover of Soulja Boys “turn my swag on” in her x-factor auditions chose to sign to roc nation over Will-i-am. She was mentored by Cheryl Cole, and was always destined to sign to a big label with the backing of Simon Cowell throughout the the X-factor series.

The surprise for me was that Simon Cowell didn’t choose to take Cher over to his Syco label where British producer, Labrinth currently resides.

She now joins artists such as Willow Smith, Jay-Electronica, and Jay Cole over at The Roc Nation.

Since the decline of Rocafella records, Jay-z has been on the hunt for commercial success. The mix of respected lyricists he has brought to the label, and more commercial artists such as Cher Lloyd is an interesting combination.

Most interesting will be seeing whether Jay-z decides to launch Chers career in the USA also. One big collaboration with a rapper such as Drake or Jay Cole will surely win over the audience stateside. If she doesn’t win over the audience I expect Cher to be swiftly dropped from thr Roc Nation label, and forgotten forever!

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~ by musicproducertv on December 30, 2010.

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