Jay-Z & Kanye West Album ‘Watch the Throne’ breaks the I-tunes Album download one week sales record by avoiding leaks

The album has now broken the iTunes one-week sales record, selling almost 290,000 copies in its first seven days.

The watch the throne album was recorded all over the world in destinations such as France and Australia. The sessions were all recorded in the same studio and files were stored locally. The Album features artists Beyonce, Chris Martin, and Beyonce.

In the run up to the album release there was no sign of the full ‘Watch the throne’ album being available via any torrent or file hosting service such as Rapidshare, or sendspace. To the annoyance of many independent music retail stores around the worl, the ‘Watch the Throne’ album was released straight to I-Tunes before any physical CD release.

Jeremy Banks, anti-piracy director at the IFPI, the global body representing record labels, said that as far as he could recall, Watch The Throne’s anti-leak strategy was “the most successful to date”.

via BBC News – Stars step up war on music leaks. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-14536664

~ by musicproducertv on August 17, 2011.

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