V festival 2011 Hylands Park review Sat 20th Aug – Aloe Blacc, Beardy Man, Chipmunk, Wiz Khalifa, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Dizzee Rascal

V festival 2011 Hylands Park review Sat 20th Aug – Aloe Blacc, Beardy Man, Chipmunk, Wiz Khalifa, Jessie J, Tinie Tempah, Plan B, Dizzee Rascal

Morning at V festival
My car route into V Festival 2011, was via the M25 and A12, having received reports of huge delays along the M11. The V Festival car park was slowly beginning to fill up, but we were easily able to gain a space in good time. Heading over to the entry point by The Channel 4 Stage, I could hear Aloe Blacc playing out his hit ‘I need a Dollar’. Aloe Blacc and his band sounded crystal clear, and the audience sang along to every line of the Top Ten hit.
Not long after the Aloe Blacc set ended the rain started to pour down on Essex, and so we found refuge in the nearest tent which was the Undercover’ tent. The Undercover tent was packed in anticipation of the live music technologist that is known as Beardyman.
During the rain, we ran over to the Big blue tent which is situated far away from the main areas of the V Festival. The linuep for the Blue tent was Chipmunk, followed by Wiz Khalifa, and then Katy B. The set by Chipmunk was disappointing and lacked energy with a lot of his songs more suited to radio airplay than the big stage. An energetic Wiz Khalifa made up for Chipmunks lack of stage presence. Although I knew very little of Wiz Khalifas tracks, I was still dancing and nodding along to most of the set list, with Lex Lugers production on ‘Taylor gang’ rocking the crowd.

Late afternoon at V Festival
The most difficult decision of the day was between watching Katy B or Tinie Tempah. The Sunshine made my decision for my as I headed over to the outdoor 4 Music stage to watch Jessie J followed by Tinie Tempah. Jessie J felt at home in Essex, and on some occasions was quite emotional as her family watched on from the audience. Jessie J had unfortunately broken her foot and so had to sit down during most of the performance, but couldn’t resist getting up for some air guitar midway through.
After a 30 minute interval, and some time to eat some poor overpriced food on sale, it was time for Tinie Tempah, who seemed to have the biggest audience of the day so far up until that point. Tinie ran through a short set lists of hits such as ‘Wonderman’, and ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’, ‘Written In The Stars’ and his number one chart-topping debut ‘Pass Out’ which saw mosh pits open up all around the festival audience.

Headline at V Festival
Plan B was in full Strictland Banks mode on the Virgin Stage, as the Sun was setting. It felt as though a lot of the audience were shuffling around in anticipation for the headline acts, Chase and Status, Arctic Monkeys, and Dizzee Rascal.
My headline choice was Dizzee Rascall on the 4 Music stage, and it proved to be a good choice. Dizzee ran through a selection of old and new tracks with classics such as ‘I love you’, and Rascal sending the packed Hylands audience into a frenzy. Dizzee wearing a Marlon Brando T-shirt seems to exude stage presence and was in control of the concert from start to finish, even laughing over a few mistakes on the track, ‘Jezebel’. The crowd literally went Bonkers when he performed the last track of the night ‘Bonkers’.

2011 was a decent V Festival experience.

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