@JustBlaze gives advice on Music Production via Twitter

@JustBlaze gives advice on Music Production via Twitter

From: @JustBlaze
The fact that u have a mic and pro tools does not make you an engineer. Learn how to record vocals properly before anything. Tips coming up

From: @JustBlaze
Do NOT over compress them. you’ll make the mix engineers job hell.

From: @JustBlaze
Check for low end resonance in your booth. Use a spectral analyzer to determine what frequency is being affected and Cut that freq only.

From: @JustBlaze
That being said don’t do any other EQing to the vocal signal INTO your DAW

From: @JustBlaze
Read about compressors, their function and how to actually use them. And then use them sparingly when recording.

From: @JustBlaze
A compressor is NOT the magic “fix all” button!

From: @JustBlaze
When recording. Leave some headroom. Give it about 3-5db.
From: @JustBlaze
I know we like our kick drums loud and we usually start our mixes with them. But don’t start with the kick hitting 0db. Because once you add your other elements you will start overloading the mix buss very quickly

From: @JustBlaze
Universal Audio probably has the best all around suite of plug ins and are a solid investment. Not super cheap but worth it.

From: @JustBlaze
Izotope also makes some awesome utilities. If you want a good all in one solution for your master fader usage look into Izotope Ozone.

From: @JustBlaze
If you overdo the master compression you run a strong risk of losing your low end and taking the life out of the hi frequencies.

From: @JustBlaze
Chop your samples at the drum transients and then decrease the attack for each chop. This will help you hide the drums in samples.

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